Application Server Update

Progress continues. It’s pretty solid.

The key features that I have been driving for are working:

  • It is hub centric, but the nodes work if the hub is unreachable, and the hub works if the nodes are unreachable. It all recovers. The bus is resilient.
  • Easy Install – you can install an app server on any machine from the website, if you have the proper credentials
  • Multiple Install – you can install the app server multiple times on a single machine. This is good if a single machine is serving multiple roles.
  • Automatic Update – each time the app server starts, it downloads the latest DLLs and other files as necessary. Is should also update without waiting for a restart (as devdash did), but I didn’t get to that yet
  • Dependent Features – If your feature is associated to another feature, it will start the other feature first. You cannot shutdown the parent feature until all child features have been shutdown. (IE: If your feature hosts a scheduled job, it will start the Local Scheduler feature)

There are features built in for the application server itself, such as the Application Host Feature, which hosts all of the applications. There’s another one to manage the bus.

Aside from that, I’ve introduced two features for application use. Currently they are both minimal, but functional.

  • Local Scheduler – if you need something to execute every x minutes, put an attribute on the method that you want to execute. You can change the interval at runtime by issuing a ScheduleChange command.
  • Web Api Host – Associate your API controllers to a feature by putting an attribute on the feature. The Web Api Host Feature will start the OWIN self host. The neat thing about this is that, left to it’s own devices, the OWIN host makes every controller available. In this case, if a controller is associated to a feature that isn’t started, then the controller should not be reachable. The feature keeps track of which controllers are reachable, and which are not. It will return a 404 if you request a completely valid controller whose feature is not started.

    A controller can be associated to multiple features, and as long as one of those features is started, the controller will be reachable.

I have purchased a confluence site for documentation purposes, and I’m slowly filling it in as I do new stuff, but it’s really light at this point. I’ll publish the URL once there’s more substance there.

Scheduled Task


namespace SomeGuySoftware.DemoApp
{     using System;     using System.Threading.Tasks;     using SomeGuySoftware.ApplicationServer.Contracts;     public class AnotherPeskyFeature : ApplicationFeature     {         protected override Task OnStart()         {             return Task.FromResult<object>(null);         }         protected override Task OnStop()         {             return Task.FromResult<object>(null);         }         [Schedule("Whatever", "00:00:10")]         public void RunPeriodically()         {             Console.WriteLine(DateTime.Now + ": timer fired");         }     }

API Controller

namespace SomeGuySoftware.DemoApp
{     using System.Threading.Tasks;     using SomeGuySoftware.ApplicationServer;     using SomeGuySoftware.ApplicationServer.Contracts;     using SomeGuySoftware.ApplicationServer.Contracts.Events;     [WebApiHost(typeof(YabbaDabbaDooController))]     public class DemoFeature1 : ApplicationFeature     {         public ScopedEventContextBase EventContext { get; set; }         protected override Task OnStart()         {                 return Task.FromResult<object>(null);             }         }         protected override Task OnStop()         {             return Task.FromResult<object>(null);         }     }

3 Responses to Application Server Update

  1. zshift0 says:

    The code examples aren’t appearing correctly. Everything inside of the namespace is on a single line, the headers are 48px and the code is about 10px.

  2. zshift0 says:

    I might have asked this before and probably forgot, but what are your plans for this once development is completed?

  3. hamletcode says:

    I saw that with the code sample.. i was hoping it would be ok in RSS feeds. I’m on a new machine and I don’t have the code formatting plugin. I’ll take care of it.

    As for plans… I’m not sure. I would like to make it available somehow. I had always thought github, but I haven’t really looked into it.

    Ping me if you ever want to see it. So far only one other person has seen it, and the feedback was extremely positive.

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