Yes, I’m still here

January 24, 2013

One of the two of you may be be wondering why I haven’t posted any updates about the current project that I’ll probably never finish. I appreciate your concern.

Fret not. This month, despite my better judgment, I have started another major project, motivated by unwarranted visions of grandeur. Things are as they should be: I am spending absurd amounts of time on R&D for what will likely amount to nothing (based on historical statistical data). I just hit a major milestone with it, so I thought it would be a good time to alleviate your concerns. I am still coding.

Regarding my last project, DevDash, it is successful by my meager standards. We have deployed it to several machines at work and use it on a daily basis. I also did a demo of it to a group of people who really didn’t care. That was personally and emotionally rewarding.

There have been a couple deployment related glitches, but they have been mostly due to configuration. Otherwise, it works as it should. It’s pretty cool to drop a DLL into a folder then watch the dashboard as 15 servers download it and restart.

The new project I am working on will eventually absorb DevDash.

As with all projects, even if I don’t finish it (due to boredom), the value is in the education it provides.