What I Read Today

I spend a lot of time programming, both at work and at home (which also happens to be where I work). I’m also married and have 2 kids. And I occasionally require food and sleep. That adds up to a lot of time.

One thing I don’t do as often as I would like is read new things. I blast through a programming book once in a while, and I skim lots of blogs, but I’m not often able to sit down and learn something new just for the sake of learning it.

I’m going to try working on that by programming less. I made a self-commitment to write a book this year, so I have to code less anyway. I’m trying very hard to get DevDash out the door, but I keep adding more stuff to it. That’s the last major initiative I plan to work on on my own for the short term.

I am going to try to take a small part of each day to read up on something or do something with a new technology. Today is the first day of that initiative, and I was successful.

I subscribe to the Elegant Code blog. They’ve been posting little blurbs about various things available via NUGET. DISRUPTOR-NET caught my attention. Instead of just raising one eyebrow quizzically and moving on, I stopped and read it. I opened the github page and read the PDF. Every last dang word.


It’s fascinating. I deal with queue and threading issues quite often, but extreme low latency isn’t usually one of our highest goals. The normal operating speeds of things is fine.

This thing is all about the speed. The PDF is a great read. I’m going to try to play with the .NET version of it.


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