Illustrating a Simple Request Using Visio

Sure, you can just send an email that says “please stay out of the ex1 development environment”. That will probably work.

Or… or… Or you can make a flowchart that a person can walk through to determine if they may use the environment. Clearly, this approach is more fun.

The following diagram resulted in some funny banter. Anyhoo, enjoy. Or disregard. Your choice.


2 Responses to Illustrating a Simple Request Using Visio

  1. Vadim says:

    I’m changing my name to Jay so can do changes on ex1 dev. environment. Based on you flowchart you have only one restriction. The person who alters ex1, must be named Jay.

  2. hamletcode says:

    Wow, you must really like the EX1 environment to go through all that trouble!

    The diagram is based on the current business rules which account for the existence of just one Jay. Should the rules change, then the relevant decision point could be updated to consider additional qualifications, such as my dna sequence. But, if you were to go to the trouble of changing your name just so that you could alter the environment, I wouldn’t feel right about changing the diagram.

    In conclusion, I agree with your assessment. If you change your name, you’re in. Good luck!

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