It’s been a bad couple of days for Technology.

February 3, 2011


My technological aspirations got hit with the old 1-2-3 over the last couple days.

MOZY – Mozy’s online backup service offers “unlimited” disk space. I’ve been using Mozy for a few years, and since I discovered digital copy a few weeks ago, I’ve been taking advantage of it. I currently have 125gb online.

The unlimited part of the plan goes away the next time I renew, which is a year from now. Should I choose to stay with Mozy, its going to cost at least 2x more and the cost will increase as my disk space increases. It was this evolution that brought me to Mozy to begin with; My previous backup service charged by disk space used, and Mozy was liberating. Now it’s just another service.

.NET REFLECTOR – .net reflector is one of the handiest .net tools out there. It has always been free. When the original author sold it to Red Gate, they said it would continue to be free.

Today, we learned it will not be free any longer. Now, it’s going to cost $35. It’s not a bad price, but they already have a professional version that they charge for. Eliminating the free version destroys the legacy of the application. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. (I don’t know if they ever promised it, per se, but I for one was lead to believe it would always be free.) Reflector is awesome in every way, but the thing that makes it legendary is that some guy wrote it and gave it away. It gave it a mystique. Poo has now been thrown upon that mystique.

IPAD / KINDLE – Apple just rejected the Sony EReader. I hate Sony, so I don’t mind being a hypocrite and letting the rejection slide. All the news articles speculate that Kindle will be next. Apple wants to pump everything through their app store so that they get their 30%. If kindle does get dropped, then I will sell my IPad on Ebay, and buy a Galaxy Tab or some other device that supports it.

I don’t know much about the appstore, but it doesn’t seem you should be forced to sell through it. You may want to since it’s a known market place that everyone can go to. But, if you want to sell it on your own, why shouldn’t you be able to? Apple is selling the devices; you should be able to do what you want with it. Maybe Microsoft should create a WINDOWS market place.

The few articles I read all said pretty much the same thing. “If you can buy something outside the app, you need to be able to buy it inside the app.” Does that mean you have to buy it in the app via the appstore, or can you do your own thing? It implies it has to be via the appstore, but nothing said it explicitly. (I am ignorant in the ways of the apple appstore.)

The argument to my appstore rejection is probably “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it”. Fine. As I said, if Kindle gets removed, then I will drop the IPad in favor of an open platform.