NOODB: JQuery Playing Continues

I changed my page to use the jquery dialog rather than the manual thing I was doing before. It’s not working 100% the way I want it to, but I’m trying not to get hung up on the details.

I created a WCF restful service for the page to call so that it can run queries. This service is temporary; the noodb server will expose the services directly at some point. For now, I just have a simple proxy into it.

The JQuery stuff is neat, and the documentation is helpful. Implementing the ajax calls was a straight forward process. The error handling on it isn’t great; If the server blows up, jquery doesn’t let you know. You can attach an event to the XmlHttp object, but it only tells you that there was a failure. The failure isn’t associated to a particular ajax request. In this matter, ajax works better. You pass it two methods: the successful callback method, and the failure callback method. It works much better than the jquery approach.

noodb admin page

This doesn’t yet show nested objects. The information comes back just fine, but it’s not rendering.

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