TPL: Preserving Order

The new TPL in .Net 4 is great… with some very simple changes, you can easily gain massive performance changes.

I’m taking the first step to adding ORDER BY to NOODB queries. I added the order by, and it returns the correct set of data, but the rows are in random order due to the use of Parallel.ForEach. Things get added to the collection as they are processed with no respect for the original order. So is the nature of multi threading.

I did some Googling to see if there are any recommended approaches to handling this. Also, I recently read ESSENTIAL C# 4.0, and don’t recall coming across that. So, I made something up.


        private Collection<T> DeserializeObjectsz<T>(IList<string> objects)
            SynchronizedCollection<T> deserialized = new SynchronizedCollection<T>();
            Parallel.ForEach(objects, obj =>

            return new Collection<T>(deserialized);


        private Collection<T> DeserializeObjects<T>(IList<string> toDeserialize)
            T[] deserialized = new T[toDeserialize.Count];
            Parallel.For(0, deserialized.Length, (int index) =>
                    deserialized[index] = (T)this.serializer.Deserialize(toDeserialize[index]);

            return new Collection<T>(deserialized);


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