NOODB: DvdFriend Import


The NOODB project started with my desire to not rewrite the database for DvdFriend. Now, at last, I’m starting to use it for DvdFriend. It’s not ready for it yet, but I can do some stuff and let the site dictate my priority list for NOODB.

I wrote some code to import the data from DvdFriend into Noodb. I separate the query from one db and the input into the other so that I can see how long it takes to put it into NOODB.

The source database and destination database are both local.


  • Movie Id
  • Image Url
  • Title

4854 records: 4 test runs average 3.9 ms per insert.


  • UserId
  • UserName
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Email

67 Records: 8.3 ms per insert.


  • ReviewId
  • CreateDate
  • Title
  • Review Text
  • Rating

2904 records, 95 ms each.

The numbers get slower with each method. Obviously, that’ll need some looking into. I wasn’t very attentive to performance when writing the inserts; it’s doing them one at a time rather than by batch. That’s most likely the root of this problem. But, the fact that it’s using sql for name/value pairs is very likely another factor.

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