NOODB: New Operators, Count

In order for a query to do anything useful, it really needs to be able to support more than just the = operator.

These operators are now supported in the NOODB queries:

  1. ==
  2. !=
  3. >
  4. <
  5. >=
  6. <=

Nothing shocking there; i don’t think I’m exceeding anyone’s expectations with the ability to do fundamental things. I changed = to ==, which is more LINQish.

All of my query tests query the database, then assert on the count. That inspired me to add a count method. You pass it the same query, and it returns an integer with the number of rows that match the query.

Assert.AreEqual(4, client.Count<IMovie>("from m in movie where m.ReleaseYear >= 2005"));

Behind the scenes, it’s mostly the same query. But, instead of selecting fields, it just does “select count(1) from …”. It runs against the same CTE as the regular query.


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