OSLO: Attended A Presentation Last Night

Last night, I attended a presentation about OSLO. As you may know from previous posts, I’ve been playing around with it for a few days now. In particular, I’ve been playing with the dsl/parser piece of it. I hoped that I’d be able to ask a couple specific questions at the presentation, but it didn’t happen.

As a text parsing presentation, it was very good. As an OSLO presentation, it wasn’t good.

The speaker obviously knows what he’s talking about. He defined how parsers work, and how they fit into the big scheme of things. OSLO is a very small piece of the big picture (as presented). In the speaker’s opinion, that piece could be better filled by a number of other products including ANTLR.

The general parsing presentation as great. But, he really undersold OSLO. I’ve done little more than goof around with it and watch a bunch of videos, but I have a much greater appreciation for what it’s supposed to do. The languages you write get imported into the database, then you can use EntityFramework to hit it. It gives you a full solution based on domain modeling. Maybe it’s not all working… I don’t know. But, he didn’t speak of or demonstrate anything other than Intellipad, which wasn’t working very well. We really didn’t spend any time on OSLO itself, or any of the moving parts other than Intellipad. I don’t think he even mentioned Quadrant. (If he did, it was a negligible mention.)

Informative, yes. Informative about OSLO? Insightful? Thorough? No. If I hadn’t already played with OSLO, then this would not have generated any interest.

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