NOODB: Query Parsers

The conversion from the query to sql is a two step process.

Step 1:  Parse the query into an object graph. This is so that multiple implementations of the repository don’t all have to figure out how to do this; Noodb converts the query to a common format, and each repository can do as it needs.

Step 2: Convert the common graph into Sql.

Step 2 is easier. It just has to walk the graph and output sql as it goes. No big deal for the simple queries I’m starting with.

Step 1 is a lot more difficult. I’m working through the code, and it will work, but I’m not going to be happy with it on this pass. I’m manually parsing the string; there has to be a more elegant way of doing this. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience to draw on in this case.

At this point, I’m working on parsing single-object queries. I’m only concerned with the where clause With those constraint in mind, step 2 is working.

Here’s a piece of test code:

Query simpleQuery2 = new NoodbQueryParser().Parse("from p in QueryPerson where p.LastName='Allard' && p.FirstName='Jay' || p.MiddleInitial='M'");
string simpleText2 = new SqlQueryConverter().Convert(simpleQuery2);

The resulting text:

	[p].[LastName] = 'Allard' 
	And [p].[FirstName] = 'Jay' 
	Or [p].[MiddleInitial] = 'M'

Pretty simple. Again, Step 1 isn’t complete, it only does the simple stuff. But, if you skip step 1 (which convers the text to a query object), and just create the query object yourself, then you see that step 2 is more mature.

	[p].[LastName] = 'Allard'
		[p].[FirstName] = 'Santa'
		And [p].[LastName] = 'Claus'
	And [p].[random] = 'blah'

The sql shown is the actual generated sql; I’m not reformatting it. It’s generated with the tabbing to make it more readable. If that proves to be detrimental to performace, I’ll make the formatting optional.

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