NOODB: Queries have begun!

It’s been months since I started NOODB… I can only work on it for a few hours a week, hence the slow progress. The time has been spent with the type registrations, and the storage and retrieval of a bunch of different types of objects. There are still more types to do, and some things I know I need to work on, but at this stage it’s time to start queries.

This is my first test query

from p in QueryPerson 
where p.LastName='Allard' || (p.FirstName='Amy' && p.LastName='Harrington')

There’s a lot involved with that

  • The Query Parser – this has to be broken into a repository neutral object graph
  • Sql Converter – convert the repository neutral object graph into a sql query (for the sql implementation of the repository)
  • Creation and caching of the views – the sql implementation stores everything as name/value pairs. The views will pivot that into a view. I’m not sure if it will actually be a sql view or just a query stored in the server. If I put it in the db, then it can be better tuned, etc. I’ll have to try some things.

As you may recall from the early days, I said that there would be two updates to the sql repository implementation. The name/value pair approach isn’t really sql friendly. Those are still on the list, but not a primary concern just yet.

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