NOODB: Nullable Enums

Nullable enums now work. Of course, it didn’t just automatically work. I will never again anticipate that any particular feature is going to work based on the implementation of a previous feature.

Here’s the new nullable enum test.

USUAL isn’t nullable. NULLABLE and NULLABLE2 are nullable. This shows that non-nullable continues to work, and nullable works with and without a value.

            EnumTestClass test = new EnumTestClass
                Usual = CrapEnum.B,
                Nullable = null,
                Nullable2 = CrapEnum.C

            NoodbClient client = new NoodbClient(new Server(TestUtility.UnityContainer));

            EnumTestClass fromDb = client.GetObjects<EnumTestClass>()[0];
            Assert.AreEqual("name", fromDb.Name);
            Assert.AreEqual(CrapEnum.B, fromDb.Usual);
            Assert.AreEqual(CrapEnum.C, fromDb.Nullable2);


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