NOODB: Generics and Collections

Progress has been slow due to a busy schedule over the last couple weeks.

This week I worked on the type management system a little bit. I was converting the type name to thought I was a more manageable and code friendly syntax, but that didn’t work out, so reverted back to just the .Net type name. I parse it as needed, which isn’t as often as I thought it would be.

Generic support and Collection support is a joint effort. The serializer for collections is working. I had second thoughts about how I was doing it and revisited; it held up, so no changes.

Now I’m working on saving them to the database. The type-agnostic objects that represent the graph on the server are being properly populated; now it’s just a matter of actually saving it, then restoring it. This part of it is pretty tedious. My head wasn’t in the right place when I worked on it last night, so I ended up eliminating all of the StyleCop violations instead, just to accomplish something.

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