NOODB Update – Rebuilding The Objects

I had a few false starts with retrieving and reconstructing objects from the database. I finally worked it out yesterday, and have begun to implement it.

I’m going with the most conservative approach which likely means it will be the slowest approach. But, it’s just a starting point. Once the caching layer is in, it won’t matter anymore. Also, as I continue, I’m hoping some patterns will emerge leading to more advanced idea.

The retrieval is a lot more involved than the save was. I now see that I need to refactor the save a bit. The data layer is doing too much of the work. I built some objects for the retrieve that I’ll be able to reuse when I refactor the save.

I expect that by the end of this weekend, I will be retrieving object graphs. (I probably already mentioned this, but the deserializer works.)

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