Cross-Node pubsub is working

  1. Start the broker
  2. Start Node 1
  3. Start node 2
  4. Start the admin app

In the admin app

  1. Open a publisher on node 1
  2. Open 2 subscribers on node 1
  3. Open a publisher on node 2
  4. Open 2 subscribers on node 2

If you publish from either publisher, all subscribers receive the message.

The publisher and subscriber windows were associated to the main admin form with a hardcoded url to node 1. I removed that and moved them to the the node admin form.

Now that all of the moving parts are in and working, it’s time to put a lot of effort into it and make it solid. Currently, its little more than just a prototype.

I wish I had more time to work on this. Its slow going. But, I know where my efforts will be for the immediate future.


2 Responses to Cross-Node pubsub is working

  1. saulsdu says:

    Do you happen to have a roadmap for this project, just a simple list of planned features?

    • hamletcode says:

      I haven’t worked on it since going to QCON. I don’t know that anyone would want to use this with the advent of all of the cloud technologies, App Fabric, etc. My primary goal for this was to double-click the exe (or start the service), and that’s it. Then you can drag-and-drop services from one node to another, etc, with no hassel.

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