Pubsub Works

I haven’t been able to work on AwBus for at least 3 weeks. Work’s been busy; personal life has been busy. And, to be honest, I’ve been playing more video games than usual.

When last I left it, I had built the guts of the pubsub. And I integrated the guts with all of its extremities. But, I went to bed without trying it.

A few nights ago, I got back into it and worked through the SUBSCRIBER glitches. Today, I worked through the PUBLISHER glitches. No glitches remain.

Here you see 2 instances of the admin program. They’re both pointing to the same node. The admin program has a test publisher form and a test subscriber form. (I modified the form manager to allow for multiple instances of some forms.)

I setup 2 subscribers in each instance, and 1 publisher each. I published from both programs, and all 4 subscribers received it.



  1. The code to get this to work is very minimal. I’m sketching out the design and the functionality; I haven’t fully implemented any one piece. The pubsub is no exception.
  2. Its dreadfully slow. Slower than I would’ve predicted. But, that’s due to #1. I was tempted to look into performance problem, but it will be a waste of time on this sample implementation.

I need the thread management and queue services in order to properly implement the pubsub. For now, its just a place holder.

Currently, the pubsub only works for clients on the same node. Next, I’ll work on multiple nodes on the same broker. Then, much later, it will be across all nodes on all associated brokers. (There isn’t such a thing as multiple brokers yet, so we’ll have to cross that bridge first.)

Anyway, this is good progress.

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