Aw Bus Update


Progress continues

– finished the RemoteClient so that it is sufficient for current needs. Its going to continuously evolved.

– created an MDI form – no big deal there. IT comes out of the box as shown; I just added the base url text box. I created an ISessionContext interface that wraps up all of the things from the parent form that the other forms may need. That will be passed to all new child forms.

– Changed all communication to Wcf. The form was using a local server object to start with.

– Separated the server from the form. Now that its all Wcf, the form app is strictly a client

– Added a GetNodeInfo() method to the NodeAdmin service. Its results are shown in the lower right corner.

You’ll see that the container service is currently stopped. That’s because I deleted one file too many during a cleanup. I lost the ContainerStore.xml, which is the default container store. I haven’t retrieved it back from Svn yet. Whoops.

What’s next?

Currently, the server is hard coded to start as Node 1. I have to break that up so that I can start multiple nodes. The console host will allow you to pick which one you want to start, etc.

I have a couple things I want to do after that, but I’m pretty sure the one I’ll actually focus on will be the drag-and-drop of packages from one node to another.

Something I should do before that (but won’t because it won’t be as much fun) is expose the logging. I had been planning to do that via the pub-sub, but since that’s not progressing right now, I may look at other possibilities. Right now, in the screenshot, it would obviously be good to know why the container service didn’t start.


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