Getting back on the ball with the DvdFriend, RSS feeds etc.


Today, I decided that I wanted to get my RSS feeds under control. I’m not very RSS saavy… I just use internet explorer to subscribe to them; nothing fancy. I ventured out to find a good web solution. I came across this little startup called “Google” which has, among other things, a decent reader.

I haven’t used any other readers, so when I say “decent”, its not relative to anything else. Its very functional, like Gmail. And, the user interface isn’t great, like Gmail. But, its pretty neat.

I have to rebuild a list of RSS feeds. If you come across this post, please let me know of your own personal feeds, and any others that you recommend. Please don’t assume that I already have it, even if I should.

Also, I downloaded and am currently using WINDOWS LIVE WRITER. Good stuff. This will greatly improve the readability for people who take offense to typos. (I’m thinking of someone particular. You know who you are.)

In a related story: I spent today getting a lot of stuff organized. I have multiple drives with duplicate code, documents, databases, etc. I’ve sorted through most of that. I also have some VMs:

1 – super secret side project that I dumped because it wasn’t respecting my time

2 – JTS

3 – Other development efforts, including DvdFriend

I’m getting all of those ducks in a line. The VM for #3 exists, but I haven’t setup the DvdFriend stuff yet. I’d like to get that going; I haven’t touched DvdFriend in months, and I’m itching to do some stuff. I started putting some prices and links in this week; Amazon and Netflix still work. Everyone else has changed their html, so the parser isn’t working. Oh well. 2 is better than none.

The last time I worked on DvdFriend, I made progress towards asking TV reviews at the SHOW, SEASON and EPISODE levels. Of course, that was months ago and I have no idea where I left off or how I did it. Lets hope that I can read my own code.

One Response to Getting back on the ball with the DvdFriend, RSS feeds etc.

  1. vkreynin says:


    I also use Google Reader and I’m very happy with it. I tried couple other before I decided to use Google’s one. It’s simple and everything works.
    Also you made good choice with Windows Live Writer. For your code I would recommend Code Snippet plug-in (

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