Related Products

I added some support for “Related Products”. If you select Dark Knight, for example, the product page will also show you Batman Begins.

This involved three new tables:
– ProductGroupType
– ProductGroup
– ProductGroupMembers

Two new views:
– vwProductGroups
– vwProductGroupMembers

Stored Procedure:
– GetRelatedProducts

I added a new object data source to the page, and a gridview. The ODS calls a method that calls the stored procedure and returns a datatable (keep it simple).

Currently, it just lists them with links. That will improve. Also, a product may be associated to multiple groups. The page will have to improve to show the different groups. For now, they’re all just merged into one distinct list.

I’m not going to make an effort to backfill groups. But, as new movies come up, I’ll create new groups as appropriate. So far, there are groups for Stargate, Lost Boys, Hellboy, and Batman.

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