Added News and Feed

I added a NEWS section to the top of the main page. It will really be more than news, though… more like notices, perhaps.

The News support was already in there. It was displayed on the page somewhere about a year ago, but it didn’t look good or wasn’t useful, so I got rid of it.

Fortunately, the method to retrieve it is still there. Basically, I just call GetRecentEntries(5, “news”, true).
Last 5 entries; news zone; get the entire text rather than just the title.

There’s a news feed too, but its going to need work. The title of a blog entry may contain HTML (ie: the link to dark city), but a syndication title may not. I have to change the entry page to distinguish between the title and what the title links to (if anything). In the meantime, it tears the html out of the title if there is any. Then, for the permalink, it extracts the link. If the link it exists, it uses it. Otherwise, it just links to the main page.

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