Web delay fixed

The production site, since moving to GoDaddy, has always taken a few seconds to load on the first hit. The problem is that the first hits are very frequent. Almost every time I go to the site, its a first hit.

It never really bothered me much because there are only a few visitors a day, but now that the embedding is enabled, its more intrusive. The hamletcode blog would pause as it waited for the dvdfriend site to fire up to serve the demo embedded review.

I poked around in the pool settings and found that the worker process was set to shut down after 5 minutes of being idle. I disabled that. I also saw that it was set to recycle ever 29 hours, so got rid of that. There’s really no reason for the worker process to need to be recycled, but this will be a good test to make sure.

Since I was in there anyway, I changed the session timeout from 20 to 60 minutes. Effectively, the timeout was 5 minutes anyway since there’s rarely more than one person writing a review at any given time.

This should resolve all the timing issues. Also, it will help coverup a bug with the review page; If session times out while you’re writing the review, you lose it. That’s definitely very bogus and I have no reason to avoid fixing it other than a complete lack of interest. In fact, that’s the last thing that’s stopping me from removing the “under construction” label.

In conclusion

2 Responses to Web delay fixed

  1. vkreynin says:

    Jay, thanks for this info. I also have an account with GoDaddy and I also notice the delay. Now, thanks to you I know why and what to do.

  2. Jay Allard says:

    Excellent… I’m glad it helped.

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