Good bye faithful printer…. Good bye!

I have mixed feelings about the passing of my printer.

Well, see… there. I’ve lied already. In the very first sentence I’m lying like a president. The printer isn’t so much “passing” as it being put down.

I have a Lexmark X125 all in one printer. It is AT LEAST 5 years old; possibly even more than 6, but I have definite milestones to peg it at least 5.

Its a cool little printer that I got for cheap and has lasted, to some extent, all this time. It still works. In fact, shortly after I bought it, I bought one for my parents too. (Coincidentally, last night I received a call about a new printer they bought. I believe that they too were still using their X125 until recently, but unconfirmed.)

So why the mixed feelings? On one hand, I bought a cheap printer and used it for 5 years. On the other hand, it annoyed me every time.

Here’s the thing: the drivers suck. They always have. Lexmark support was 0 help… I gave up years ago. The printer will work for a while, then you have to kill some processes in order to get it to print again. I exchanged many emails with them just trying to get them to come clean and say “sorry, we suck”, but they wouldn’t.

The next logical question may be, “How did you put up with that for 5 years, you poor poor soul!?”. The answer is simple: I don’t do a heck of a lot of printing. I bought a box of paper years ago and I still have most of the reems (spelling?). I just don’t have a need or a desire to print. If I want to read something from the computer, I just read it on the computer. It doesn’t have to be paper. I keep all our digital images as digital images… I don’t print them.

Lately, I’ve had a need to print some stuff, for expense reports, on a monthly basis. My luck has been limited. I occasionaly go to the office with the intent of printing the stuff, but then it slips my mind and I leave empty handed. Ick. I also have to fax my receipts, an the X125 was being difficult. It would often say “replace cartridge” even though it was a new cartridge. After multiple attempts, I thought it was dead. Then, it finally worked.

So now, at long last, we’re at the point where it is essentially unusable. I want to be one of the cool kids that simply clicks “print” and the thing prints. Is that too much to ask? Am I being a snob by not wanting to fight to print for 5 minutes a page? I don’t think so, but I value your opinion, so let me know.

Due to the fact that I work from home, my esteemed employer found it in its heart (and wallet) to equip me with a brand new HP5610. I plugged it in and clicked print. Guess what… it printed! Now I feel like a king. Rejoice!

I’ll cart the ole X125 up to the recycling center on my next trip. When I dump it in the box, perhaps I will pause for just a moment and reflect on the times gone by, both good and bad, but I make no promises.

3 Responses to Good bye faithful printer…. Good bye!

  1. Chris, Certified Scrum Master says:

    May it Rest in Pieces.

  2. WelcomeToMyWorld says:

    You really need to have an office space moment in your back yard. Of course, that’s assuming you have a back yard, otherwise that’d be a really horrible suggestion.

  3. Jay Allard says:

    If bashing electronic equipment to smithereens can be done in an eco-friendly way, then I may consider it.

    I do have a back yard. Its not much, but I believe it legally qualifies.

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