First RSS Feed is live

I deployed the first DvdFriend RSS feed. I kept it as a WCF service afterall. I’ll keep it that way until i come up with a reason not to.

The deployment wasn’t painless. It didn’t work in production as it did in development. It was because there are multiple sites on the server that are distinguished by host headers. Ilearned in 3.0, you had to code around it. 3.5 makes it a little easier. I found this link:

I added as a prefix. I attempted to add as a second prefix, but it went back to the orignal error. Go figure. I don’t havea good grasp on this stuff yet, but its working, so we’re ok for now

I think COMMENTS will be the next feed. I have to create a page for that anyway, so they’ll have the same data source.

One Response to First RSS Feed is live

  1. Chris, Certified Scrum Master says:

    Thanks for the hard work Jay on RSS feeds and other requests.

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