Lack of direction

I’m spinning my wheels trying to find something good to do. I watched a web cast on Dynamic Data, which was great. I’m going to start reading up on Ado.Net entitites. But, I really can’t come up with a project that I’m interested enough in to really pursue.

I keep thinking about a pubsub project, but haven’t been able to comit. I’ve worked on the DVD site here and there, but nothing ground breaking. I’m lacking a sense of purpose.

Lacking anything useful to do, I’ve spent some time trying to write a sci-fi story. I used to write a lot more when I was younger. Now, I usually find it more rewarding to code. Since that hasn’t been working out lately, I’ll give writing another shot.

I’ve been thinking about this story for quite a while. So far, its called Savior, but I just made that up a minute ago and it probably won’t stick. The prologue is mostly complete, and I should start on Chapter 1 tomorrow. It’ll end up being a pretty short story; A lot of stories take 5 pages to say hello. In mine, I just say “hello”. I don’t know enough words to drag it out much longer than that. It certainly won’t be novel length.


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