Cardspace, Rounds 1 and 2

One day last week, I figured it was time to learn some stuff about CardSpace. I read some articles and found some good startup guides. I learned about EV certificates.

I installed a test EV certificate on my local development machine, and created a secondary login page for DVDFriend. I put the cardspace object tag on the new page.

Everything went pretty smooth until that point. Then, I hit the button, and dissapointment ensued. The applet popped up and asked me for a card. Then there was flash, and it and the IE instance both froze. I went into process manager and killed ICARDAGT.exe and INFOCARD.EXE that freed it up. That happened a bunch of times.

The event log revealed that it was a WS TRUST failure. I didn’t look into it anymore at the time, but it was dissapointing that it kept crashing rather than handle it gracefully. It was a bad first impression, but oh well, things go wrong. I put it off for another day.


I didn’t change anything. I just came back to it a few days later, and everything worked as advertised. I wonder if that WS error was due to a remote service being down somewhere. Its probably still in the event log, so maybe I’ll revisit.

I’m going to be in a conference for the next 3 days, so I should have plenty of down time at night. Time permitting, I’ll implement CardSpace as an alternative login to DvdFriend. Once in place, I can check CardSpace off my “things to do” list.

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