Did some work on DvdFriend

It’s been a long time, but I finally did some work on DvdFriend.

There are now LISTS in the left column, one for Dvd and one for In Theaters. This is to bring attention to particular movies of interest. These are managed on a per-product basis in the product editor.

The product editor now has 3 checkboxes
– Show on COMING SOON – the right margin. Without this, movies would only show up if they’re have a rating. But, since I want to show some Direct to DVD movies (ie: stargate continuum), they need to show up even if they’re not rated yet.

– Also in the product editor, I added a text box so that image urls can be manually entered. This is for cases where the image doesn’t exist on amazon yet, usually theatrical releases. I have to find other image sources that I can safely use. (The “Set Image” link opens a browser that allows you to search amazon images. That’s been there all along.)

The new lists on the left aren’t very manageable yet. It’d be nice to be able to order them how I want, but I’m not that ambitious today.

Now for the bad news. In order to get that list on the left, I had to modify the CSS. Previously, everything was centered. I used absolute positioning for the list, so if you resized the window there was a very good chance the list would overlap the main page. So, I attempted to fix it, but didn’t do so 100%. The header and body aren’t lining up exactly right.

On the bright side, though, it looks MUCH better in firefox than it did before.

I changes JAY’S BLOG from a link to a navigation button so that it would render better in fire fox.


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