MAC and no cheese

March 11, 2008

For some unexplainable reason, I was wondering how I would go about manually changing the MAC address of my wireless network card. I was just curious if it could be done incase I ever happened to go to a hotel that charges $13/day/laptop, and I didn’t want to spend $26/day in addition to the hundreds of dollars already being spent.

My research revealed that you could theoretically signup for the internet service with one laptop, then change the macaddress on the second laptop so that the hosting service doesn’t know the difference. The one problem that I might someday theoretically run into is that perhaps the hypothetical service always issues the same IP address to the laptop with the recognized mac address. That would mean that while both computers could both connect to isp, only one can do it at a time. That would be ok, right? Better than $26/day, should the situation ever arise.

If this were to ever come up, I would search google for a means of changing the mac address when the NIC properties doesn’t allow for it. Maybe I’d find a program called MACSHIFT to help out. We may never know.

I believe the moral of the story is: pack a router.



March 5, 2008

As part of the continuing effort to keep Chris satisified with the forward progress of the site, I have added two new features:

TV Show Season
Actually, this isn’t really a feature. Its just a new type of product that you can review. Its intended for an entire season of a show. The immediate example is THE SARAH CONNOR CHORNICLES. As far as individual episodes: That’s a whole other thing that I haven’t started yet.

Yet another feature that was on the old site and is now, at last, on the new site. I actually attempted to do this a couple times before. I wanted to use an ajax dialog control, but I couldn’t get the ajax toolkit to work in VS2008, and I wasn’t in the mood to fight with it. I think its clashing with an old version that the GAC util won’t let me delete. Another fight for another day. In the meantime, I tossed in a plain-old textbox on the page. It only shows up if you’re logged in.

Unlike the review page, the comment box doesn’t care if your session times out while you type your comments. It tracks who you are in viewstate so that it can always get to your id. The review page has a pretty major bug… if your session times out, the review won’t save. I made it a habit to copy it before clicking save. I’ll get to it.