DvdFriend – Added the RECENT RELEASES section

For a site that would like to sell some DVDs, there certainly has been a lack of price listings.

In all 87 versions of the site that I’ve built to date, I’ve always struggled with determining what information to show where. Movies are coming out on DVD… should I list the date? The average rating? The Image? How many should I show? Should it be a number or by date range?

I refused to engage my self in those debates this time. Its showing 50 releases ranging from TODAY + 21 days, to whenever it runs out of movies. They’re listed on the right side of the main page. this will eventually evolve into a more detailed page. I’d like to add a mouse-over dialog to it (like netflix does). I can easily do that, but as always, making it pretty will be the difficult part.

A key thing I did tackle is determining which titles to show. There may be a ton of movies in there, but not all of them are interesting enough to put on the front page. So, its only showing DVDs of movies that someone on the site has reviewed. Additionaly, there’s a mechanism in there to flag movies that I want to show up. I haven’t added the page functionality yet, but the back end is ready to go.

Later, the date headings will become hyperlinks that will show all of the releases for that day, without any filters. At the rate I’m going though, I’ll spend 4 minutes doing it in 3 months.


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