Hamlet Code

“Hamlet Code” is a piece of foolishness that I came up while trying to find a new XBOX Live ID. My original ID was “DvdFriend”, and ode to my website, but after a while I realized it was a lame handle.

I tried a variety of different code related user names, but they were all taken. A thought process that I don’t recall came up with “to code or not to code”, which is too big, so I rounded it down to “Hamlet Code”. I only hope that my recollection of 9th grade literature is accurate.

So anyway. I have another blog at http://jayallard.blogspot.com/. I occasionaly add some foolishness there, and every once in a while I toss in some technical stuff. Quite honestly, its a disaster. However, I call the blog “Jay’s Rants”, so I’m being upfront about the kind of attention I apply to it. I just go in, type whatever I want to type, then hit save. More than one person has commented on typos and grammatical whoopsies.

This new blog is strictly for technical foolishness. If you want to read about how our community flooded, or the affect of the 1986 Transformers animated movie on my relationship with my nephew, or how I feed my dogs, then go to the other one. If you want to read about code related stuff, then read this one. In the end, there’s something for everyone (or, at least for me).

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